Launch IKF WC Korfball website and game

Deurne (Antwerp) - 09/09/2015

The Koninklijke Belgische Korfbalbond (KBKB - Royal Belgian Korfball Federation) and students of the Karel de Grote-Highschool (KdG) launch today as result of a unique collaboration project that started end of January 2015.


About 40 KdG-students presented on June 11 their project results to a jury that consisted of mentors of the KdG and a representation of the KBKB.  Sam Schuddinck, Félix Rijkers, Mike Van den Heuvel and Yannis Tack, forming the BePro team, made most impression with their interactive website and integrated computer game.


“We closely followed the different teams during their preparations”, tells Eric Duchesne, WKC project manager at the KBKB. “We were really impressed by the results and the level of expertise these students have shown after a relative short period of time. The BePro-team could convince us with their proposal and together we started working to finalize everything in time. We are very pleased to be able to launch the website and korfball game 50 days before the actual start of the World Korfball Championship.”


“The web application contains all required functionalities”, continues Eric Duchesne, “it offers a public part where the visitor can find all information about the tournament and it also gives the opportunity to pick your favorite team and to leave reactions or to cheer via the integrated social media functions. In the private part, athletes and officials will find all the information they need about the practicalities before and during the tournament and they can communicate with the organisation in a direct and uniform way.”


“The icing on the cake is the korfball game that has been developed”, concludes Eric Duchesne. ”The game is in the High5 korfball theme, a low profile korfball product that aims at korfball initiation for all ages. The combination of the web application and the computer game is really unique in history of korfball and we are glad that we can launch this as a leading korfball nation together with the students of KdG. “



  • The winning BePro-team : fltr Mike Van den Heuvel, Yannis Tack, Félix Rijkers, Sam Schuddinck

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