General information concerning the IKF WKC 2015

That korfball is a global sport, is undeniable. The International Korfball Federation (IKF), licenced bij the IOC en also member of WADA, gathers all national federations. The sport is being played in 60 countries: from Papua New Guinea to South-Africa, from Cyprus to Brazil to the United States, from China to India,... Still korfball hasn't reached an olympic status, but every 4 years they do take part of the programm of the World Games.

The Diamonds

On the last edition of the World Games in 2013 in Colombia Belgium did win silver. The Belgian elite is also called 'Diamonds'. Once in 1991, Belgium became World Champion, when the WK was held in Antwerp. Maybe a good augury for 2015? By all means in international korfball Belgium is a true candidate for a medal, with as biggest challenge The Netherlands. The slogan for the Diamonds stays:


Every 4 year national korfbalselections challenge each othe for the World title. Belgium is the host for the tenth edition of the World Korfball Championship in 2015. The organization is held by the Koninklijke Belgische Korfbalbond (Royal Belgian Korfball Federation) together with the IKF (International Korfball Federation).

From October 30, 2015 until November 8, 2015 16 countries will compete each other on the highest level. The tournament opens with 4 pools, followed by quarter and semi-finals. The final will deliver us the new World Champion.

Scheme : 

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